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Faith and Honour: Barbarossa

A young nobleman decides to explore the world during the Crusades. But he quickly notices that betrayal and chivalry go hand in hand. Experience a top-down RPG in the medieval authentic environment of the 12th century under Emperor Barbarossa. Meet companions, solve problems with different solutions and choose the good or the bad way. Fight turn-based with a tactical combat system and an intelligent approach: Interact with the environment to gain advantages in combat.




Authentic Locations


Hours of Gameplay

Experience Medieval History

Discover a historically authentic world set in the 12th century during the reign of Frederick I. Barbarossa

Tactical Combat

Command your party and master challenging turn based battles. Use your environment to your advantage and defeat your enemies.

Story Driven Gameplay

Explore a living medieval world full of quests, interesting NPCs and travel the world from Europe to the Middle East.

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